Re: NANFA--Anti-animal bumper stickers

Brian Bastarache (
Thu, 14 Sep 2000 22:50:31 -0400

This issue should be taken a little more seriously. These evil people,
wich PETA is just one example of, are not only attacking farming, pets,
research of all kinds and (someting very important to me) wildlife
management...but they are winning their fights!

Now we all know that there are problems with the all of the above
institutions, but these "people" are not pushing to curb agricultural
runoff; and don't get me started on pet shops (AKA Little Houses of Death)
but they are just attacking these institutions in general. If left to them
wildlife management would be done in line with the Walt Disney paradigm.
We all know that would spell ecological disaster.

Watch the cable channel Animal Planet for a show called Wildlife Vets.
Thank God they are out there saving the injured chipmunks (No, not kidding)
and garter snakes. What does that teach people? That nothing ever gets
eaten? Nature isn't cruel? Bambie was an ecological documentary? (Good
thing that channel has Steve Irwin to redeam them!)

As much as I could not have more disdain for these people, I feel that many
of them are well meaning, but ignorant. It is up to us to educate them and
try to save what's left of the natural world. But, do not be fooled they
are a threat to everything we love!

Brian Bastarache
(New England Chapter)
Bristol County Agricultural School - Natural Resources Dept/
Bristol County Natural History Center

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