Re: NANFA--Anti-animal bumper stickers
Thu, 14 Sep 2000 23:09:19 EDT

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<< As much as I could not have more disdain for these people, I feel that many
of them are well meaning, but ignorant. It is up to us to educate them and
try to save what's left of the natural world. But, do not be fooled they
are a threat to everything we love! >>

Some of them are well-meaning. But a lot of them just have a
more-morale-than-thou superiority complex and just like to preach to people
and assert themselves morally over people by saying "I don't keep pets, hunt,
or fish, therefore I'm better than you". They aren't doing anything to help
wild animals or their habitats; they just want to free lab rats and
domesticated animals (which would do more to hurt wild animals than all of
the huning and fishing put together) as a part of a "thou shalt not keep an
animal"-type philosophy. I know some of those people actually, and some of
them are just maladjusted freaks. They're typically anti-establishment (not
saying everyone should be pro-establishment, but these people could find
something wrong with everything) people that just want to rebel against
everything and can't get along with anyone.

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