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<< This makes for interesting reading, nothing could be accomplished if we
all identical and in lock step. Non personel, confrontation makes us all
think. Personal attacks on the other hand does close ears and open mouths,
mine included. I am sure some are turned off by this confrontation, ( read
the subject line and delete, alright) but that is how I believe things get
done. If everyone went wild one way or the other ( let so called "evil
corporations" pave, drain , slash and burn the entire world, or let the
"evil big government " fence off the entire world) it would be sad either
way. Getting all veiw points heard I think is consturctive and a learning
experience. >>

Good points, Ray, this sums up the situation quite well. We shouldn't be
having personal attacks on each other; it just compounds any disagreement or
misunderstanding and causes conflicts to escalate and get ugly. It also
causes divisions which result in different camps that view each other with
suspicion and see every comment by the other side as a potential veiled
attack on them or what they believe in. Sure, people have disagreements, but
it seems like a lot of times people read more negativity into other people's
posts than what they should, or just see the other person as disagreeing with
them or contradicting them more than they should. I think that if everyone
re-analyzed each other's posts they would see a lot less differences in
opinion (which causes a lot of conflicts). I think that we all agree that we
like native fishes and think that conservation measures should be taken to
protect them, such as protected status for some species, protection of
habitat, keeping non-natives out, and increasing people's appreciation of
natives. We may disagree on some of the finer points of helping native
fishes, but we agree on the main ones. That is what I think we should focus
on, the positive (what we agree on) rather than the negative (what we
disagree on). Let's face it, arguments are a lot less fun than discussions
about something we all like, which is native fish.

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