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Norman Edelen (
Sun, 9 Sep 2001 10:25:05 -0700

Hello All,

On a recent trip to Missouri, I spent two days snorkeling. One day was
spent in the Cuivere River in Lincoln County Missouri. I saw some amazing
fish (fundulus, darters, minnows, bass species, green sunfish....) and got
out of the 117 degree heat. I had to leave the river when cows on the
neighboring property came down into the river to escape the heat as well. I
suddenly realized that I was not alone when an incredible cloud of sediment
came drifting down from upstream. This river had a cobble substrate of
fossil bearing rocks.

The next snorkeling experience was in the Huzzah River in the Ozarks, at a
park called Red Bluff. It was a beautiful clear river with a substrate
composed of crystal laden rocks. Again I saw numerous darter species, three
bass species, gorgeous long ear sunfish hanging out over what appeared to be
an old colonial nesting site, many minnows species, and one fundulus

These two brief snorkeling experiences definitely increased my appreciation
for Missouri's fishes. I was astounded by the easy access to nature it
afforded me. Then again though, I am living in Washington, which is rather
species poor when it comes to freshwater fishes. There are at least as many
if not more fish species in the Cuivere River (71 I believe) than there are
in all of Washington.

I too would support inland snorkeling.


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the Greater Portland Aquarium Society

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