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Here is a link to an email someone sent me for NANFA: It's in html as he sent it. I don't
know anything other than what's in the message.

Here it is in regular text, too:

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From: frully
Sent: Saturday, September 08, 2001 9:29 AM
Subject: hi...

I'm Davide Furlan and I'm manager director of a big fish farm in Italy
closed to Venice ).
I don't know if you can help me, because I'm looking for find some species
of north american fish that a director of a great and important laboratory
of research asked to me of finding...
These are the fish:

29 Species of Family Centrarchidae
Scientific Name English Name Max. Length (cm)
Acantharchus pomotis Mud sunfish 21.0 TL
Ambloplites ariommus Shadow bass 22.0 TL
Ambloplites cavifrons Roanoke bass 36.0 TL
Ambloplites constellatus Ozark bass 19.0 TL
Ambloplites rupestris *** Rock bass 43.0 TL
Archoplites interruptus Sacramento perch 73.0 TL
Centrarchus macropterus Flier 19.0 TL
Enneacanthus chaetodon Blackbanded sunfish 10.0 TL
Enneacanthus gloriosus Bluespotted sunfish 9.5 TL
Enneacanthus obesus Banded sunfish 9.5 TL
Lepomis auritus *** Redbreast sunfish 24.0 TL
Lepomis cyanellus **** Green sunfish 31.0 TL
Lepomis gibbosus *** Pumpkinseed 40.0 TL
Lepomis gulosus Warmouth 31.0 TL
Lepomis humilis Orangespotted sunfish 15.0 TL
Lepomis macrochirus Bluegill 41.0 TL
Lepomis marginatus Dollar sunfish 12.0 TL
Lepomis megalotis Longear sunfish 24.0 TL
Lepomis microlophus Redear sunfish 30.6 TL
Lepomis punctatus Spotted sunfish 20.0 TL
Lepomis symmetricus Bantam sunfish 9.0 TL
Micropterus coosae Redeye bass 47.0 TL
Micropterus dolomieui *** Smallmouth bass 69.0 TL
Micropterus notius Suwannee bass 36.0 TL
Micropterus punctulatus Spotted bass 61.0 TL
Micropterus salmoides *** Largemouth bass 97.0 TL
Micropterus treculii Guadalupe bass 40.0 TL
Pomoxis annularis White crappie 53.0 TL
Pomoxis nigromaculatus Black crappie 49.0 TL

Have you some idea about it ?
I don't have any contact with wholesaler in north american, so I don't know
who ask it to, can you help me ???
thank you for your collaboration,
best regard,
Davide ( Fish House )

Jay DeLong
Olympia, WA
"If the biota, in the course of aeons, has built something we like but do
not understand, then who but a fool would discard seemingly useless parts?
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~ Aldo Leopold (1953)

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