NANFA-- oops - Bryozoans

John Bongiovanni (
Mon, 02 Sep 2002 18:08:42 -0500

I actually meant the bryozoans.
I've seen (and felt) these blobs attached to wood pilings on docks and
other submerged wood
in nearby lakes. They get up your way.

BTW, have you ever been able to photograph your reef ? I don't remember
seeing pics or a link.


kahley wrote:

> At 10:57 AM 9/2/02 -0500, John Bongiovanni wrote:
>> I know nothing about mussels but I do have a couple of very neophyte
>> questions.
>> 1. Does opening the shell kill the mussel? If so...
>> 2. Is there a "treatment" that will relax the animal that will allow
>> opening of the shell without trauma?
>> Kahley,
>> Have you noted the presence of any of the freshwater sponges on your
>> reef.
> Never knew there was such a thing! Google shows me
> I haven't seen anything like that ...but this
> Maybe....but I'd just assume it was algae. There were a couple other
> pics listed from some place call <BG> but they came up 404ed
> ;*)
>> Those might be kinda cool to watch especially if they are native to
>> your area.
>> John
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