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Crail, Todd (
Tue, 3 Sep 2002 22:58:09 -0400

So what you're saying is the motor arrived there by airplane? :)

I think you're kinda missing Arlus' point. Either that, or adding to it heh ;)

However, it is very appreciable and honorable that you took the time to pull that out of there, so lets not let me confuse my point :)
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I don't wan't to start an uproar but 4x4 trails around here save more than
they ruin. If it werent for those trails emergency vehicles wouldn't have
any way to get back to people in trouble and fires ect.. so by saying there
are bad apples is very reasonable. I know when I got trail riding and
shinning deer and whatever else i feel i wan't to do without walking, I
throw my cans and what not into the bed, Once i hauled an engine block out
of the woods with my truck that would have been there drippin oil for who
knows how long!!!!!!!! Sure couldn't have put that under my arm!!!


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