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<< I'm not saying that we have to agree on anything either. We can
completely disagree. But it'd be a much more pleasurable discourse if any
comment could be made without someone acting like someone else is trying to
change their way of life.
You''ll notice I didn't put any smiley faces on mine Todd. I firmly believe
that man is a part of nature and that I have a right to use and enjoy nature
as long as I do my best to leave it as good as I found it. I would say better
but I can remove only so much trash. but I have taught both my sons to do the
same thing and hopefully they will pass down the family urge to clean things
up. I get just as mad when I see where somebody miss used the privilege of
owning a 4X4 or even hiking boots. How many weekends have you spent cleaning
up a trash dump that some moron who can't find a dumpster decided to put in
the back of his car or pickup and haul it into the woods when you had an
outing with the family planned and then get detained by the police for 2
hours because they think you are doing the dumping simply because you have a
4X4. it doesn't take a 4X4 to dump trash only a mindset that says out of site
out of mind. I know no one attacked me personally but when you make a
sweeping derogatory statement about a group don't be surprised when someone
in that group calls you on it. I've heard people say that collecting fish
shouldn't be allowed because it disturbs the habitat, which is true, but it
doesn't keep me from collecting as lightly as I can or keep me from defending
collecting fish. This thread is getting out of hand, I just wanted to show
that not all people who drive 4X4's or use the wilderness in other ways are
all or even mostly bad. It's the individuals that matter.

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