Re: NANFA-- an URGENT plea

Robert Carillio (
Fri, 6 Sep 2002 11:01:05 -0500

-- an URGENT plea

> I agree with Chris. I try really hard to keep up with the list, but I'm
> usually not interested in discussion of personal political views.
> Perhaps would should come up with a NANFA "politics" list?

Bob..Good morning! I agree to, but on the same token, it sometimes can't be
avoided. I want your opinion on what I am expressing in this reply.
Personally, as long as the discussion is fair, intelligent, and not getting
ugly with name calling, labeling, or personal attacks, I see nothing wrong
with it from time to time. (not constantly, though) It adds a nice flair
to the list. Those who don't want to get involved with the discussion,
need not do so.

Whether we like it or not, unfortunately, politics DO play a role and affect
statuses of our Native Fishes, and if we are as 'in love' with them as we
all claim to be, then what's wrong with discussing matters from time to
time that may affect the very objects of our affection. Promoting a
political decision that would have the least impact on native fishes, is the
least we can do to take some sort of platform on an issue.

I think it's a responsible thing to do, so accurate info. can be
distributed on such issues that would affect our fish... this way, maybe
someone on the list can get the proper info. they need to perhaps write a
letter to their elected officials about the particular matter affecting
local fishes. Taking a stand once in a while, is good.... It shows people
are still exchanging ideas and thinking. I say that, even if I don't agree
with the other guy.

Personally, I learn a lot about native fish this way, actually, as far as
what their future holds. Sometimes, I get tired of seeing nothing but
"breeding or aquarium" related topics on the list. Maybe you are right,
perhaps a "politics" list IS the solution.... Good idea!

Rob C.
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