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> Bob..Good morning! I agree to, but on the same token, it sometimes can't be
> avoided. I want your opinion on what I am expressing in this reply.
> Personally, as long as the discussion is fair, intelligent, and not getting
> ugly with name calling, labeling, or personal attacks, I see nothing wrong
> with it from time to time. (not constantly, though) It adds a nice flair
> to the list. Those who don't want to get involved with the discussion,
> need not do so.
> Whether we like it or not, unfortunately, politics DO play a role and affect
> statuses of our Native Fishes, and if we are as 'in love' with them as we
> all claim to be, then what's wrong with discussing matters from time to
> time that may affect the very objects of our affection. Promoting a
> political decision that would have the least impact on native fishes, is the
> least we can do to take some sort of platform on an issue.
> I think it's a responsible thing to do, so accurate info. can be
> distributed on such issues that would affect our fish... this way, maybe
> someone on the list can get the proper info. they need to perhaps write a
> letter to their elected officials about the particular matter affecting
> local fishes. Taking a stand once in a while, is good.... It shows people
> are still exchanging ideas and thinking. I say that, even if I don't agree
> with the other guy.
> Personally, I learn a lot about native fish this way, actually, as far as
> what their future holds. Sometimes, I get tired of seeing nothing but
> "breeding or aquarium" related topics on the list. Maybe you are right,
> perhaps a "politics" list IS the solution.... Good idea!
> Rob C.

For my $.02, I agree with Rob, it's impossible to have an organization that deals in ideals quite a bit and not expect some political type discussions. Keep it fair, relatively non-personal and try to be persuasive. I would hope this organization could give each of us a forum to express our ideas on the varied subjects that impact fish, the environment and our daily lives.

Bruce Scott
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