Re: NANFA-- wintering darters outside

R. W. Wolff (
Fri, 20 Sep 2002 00:29:05 -0500

I forgot to add that you should remove the plywood and styrofoam to let in
the sun and fresh air on nicer days. If left on the pond too long the
effects will be the same as it being sealed with ice. No gas exchange.
Also, any day above forty the heater can be shut down. Using a cheap indoor
outdoor thermometer is a big help. Toss the outdoor probe in the pond, and
place the thermometer in a protected area. This will give you readings of
air and your water, along with records of highs and lows. I find this to be
a most valuable tool. The probe is sensitive and in larger ponds moved from
shallow to deep to check temp gradients. It is actually fun. A guy who wrote
a series for Bassmaster magazine made a raft for his real pond. He placed
three of these thermometers on it, each haveing the probe at different
depths. One at the surface, one at mid level, and one on the bottom. The
information gathered is useful and keeping track of the fishes activity on
those days. I think there is information on this on the BASS website, and
you can link to his site. I forgot his name off hand , Rick Taylor I think.
Interesting stuff.
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