Re: NANFA-- Elassoma diet

Pete Liptrot (
Tue, 24 Sep 2002 21:11:42 +0100

> I've been able to get mine to eat a product called "cyclops-eeze" It's a
> freeze dried tiny crustacean from a lake in Canada. Blue spotted sunfish
> eat this stuff the first day they are caught!

Thanks Moon. I've used Cyclop-eeze for other fish, the quantity of oils in
there means it has a very good 'smell' factor, and the colour is nice and
bright, both of which work well to stimulate the feeding response. It's
great for young Pencilfish, newly imported Hatchetfish etc. etc. I've not
tried it as yet with the Pygmies, I'll have a go tomorrow and report back
Do you hydrate it for any length of time before use?
I do find that I get a lot remaining floating with any species that is
reluctant to surface-feed, which then begins to putrefy without being eaten,
and if I try to hydrate it there is always an orange ring left on whatever
vessel I use (all those lovely lipids oozing out!). I worry that in the
aquarium that excess lipid from any not quickly eaten may add to the loading
on the filtration.
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