Re: NANFA-- air pump recommendations
Wed, 25 Sep 2002 14:22:46 EDT

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<< I
guess I should experiment with shutting down some outlets and see what
happens at the deeper level. >>

OK, I ran the experiment. My system has a main loop and two branches. One of
the branches goes near a 55 gallon tank. With everything connected the open
tubing pumps bubbles at about 15 inches maximum depth. If I close off all but
the branch the bubbles are very vigorous all the way to the bottom (about 18
inches). With all the outlets fine tuned to give no more than the necessary
bubbling, I still could not get much below 15 inches. It should be recognized
that there are three open outlets at about 8 inches in brine shrimp hatcher.
They must be vigorously bubbling and may be the limiting factor. So, the
bottom line is that for all except deeper than 12 inches you can get lots of
air. If you need several deep water outlets you will have fewer outlets
possible with this pump. A larger pump will, of course, have greater capacity.

Lee Harper
Media, PA
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