RE: NANFA-- alabama gettaway and such

Rose Lawn Museum (
Wed, 25 Sep 2002 14:35:31 -0400

Thanks, Chipper

One thing seems certain...if our collecting trips become loaded with pretty
young women, we'll triple the number of participants in no time, and NANFA
membership numbers should zoom off the chart.

Steven A. Ellis
aging rapidly in
Kennesaw, GA
(Will one of you young ladies please help poor old Mr. Rinehart back to his
truck before he falls in the water again?)

At 12:44 PM 9/25/02 -0400, you wrote:
>I am also one of the "middle aged men". My wife tells me I act like a
>teenager. Hmmm, not sure if thats supposed to be a compliment or not. I'll
>have to agree with Steven's comments. Most of my collecting is done here in
>SC with two guys that are both in their late twenties so there are alot of
>the younger folks involved in these trips.
>Oh yeah, Steven. Your walker is in my truck, right next to my motorized
>Chip Rinehart
>West Columbia, SC
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