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A year or so ago I decided to visit a local stream over
the mountains in the Santa Ynez Valley - to collect a few
Gambusia affinis for my community aquarium of natives.
Right, Dambusia!

Properly equipped with CA fishing license, etc., I had half
a dozen or so in my collecting tank when along came a
U. S. forest ranger.

"What are you doing, Sir?", she asked.

"Collecting a few 'mosquito fish' for my aquarium at home."

"You can't do that.  It's against the law."

"What law."

"Er, this is federal land.  It's against the law to remove any
living creatures or plants.  Put them back in the water,
right now!"

"Are you familiar with Gambusia affinis, Ma'am; that they
are among the most widely distributed finny critters across
this land?  That they're considered to be pests by just about
anyone who knows anything about native freshwater species,
and the damage done by your employers by spreading the
damned things across the nation - allegedly in a misguided
attempt to control mosquito larvae?"

"I don't care what they are.  You must put them back in the
water right now!"

"Okay, Ma'am.  Here they go.  But as soon as you leave, I'm
gonna grab up a few and take them home with me."

"Harumph.  You had better not.  It's against the law."  And
with that she got back into her pickup truck and drove off.


Bob Sinclair
Santa Barbara CA

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"D. Martin Moore" wrote:

> Martin, I don't understand your connection between collecting laws and
> exotic species.

I'm speculating that states where you can't collect are taking that
stance because of the fear of exotic introductions (e.g. introducing
native species into waters in which they don't naturally occur within
that state) and their effect on gamefish.  Hence, most states will
allow you remove DEAD fish to your abode, but not live ones.



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