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Jay DeLong (
Sun, 19 Sep 1999 13:47:48 -0700

Shireen, look at the Colorado River. Introduced sunfish and especially
catfish (flathead, channel, bullheads) are contributing to the decline of
several federally endangered species like the razorback sucker, because they
prey on the juveniles. Of course to put a public spin on this that catfish
are responsible may have the wrong effect, and divert attention from primary
causes like dams and human-caused flow changes.

Thanks to my thoughtful state's fisheries department, smallmouth bass and
walleye fisheries now exist in the Columbia River, home of endangered and
threatened salmon runs.

The decline of the West's only native Centrarchid, the Sacramento perch, is
directly due to competition with other sunfish that were introduced for

Then there are the Great Lakes. Something like 140 exotic plants and
animals are now there. The sea lamprey, round goby or ruffe might be a good
E&S project. If they haven't run anything on the round goby I'd be honored
to help out in some way.

Jay DeLong

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> Exotics: this could be a good Earth&Sky show/essay. Please send
> examples (extreme examples, that
> is...the kinds that really capture the attention of the general
> public) of introduced fish species
> wreaking havoc on the ecosystem, and steps that are being taken
> to solve the problems. If someone
> wants to volunteer to write a general overview essay about it
> (please???!!!) for the E&S website,
> that would be *great*. (Subject to approval from the producers of
> course, but they haven't turned
> down a fish topic from us yet,.) Please reply to me directly. thanks, sg

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