Re: NANFA-L-- minnow breeding

Mike Haren (
Sat, 15 Apr 2006 02:44:33 -0400

Recently I went out again with my daughter and put her seining to the
test, she did great and she had a lot of fun. We targeted and collected
roughly 5 blacknose dace and from what I have read the males have
orange on the pectoral fins. I wanted to know if this is accurate since
all the ones we collected had the orange on the pectoral fins. Could it
be that the coloration is just more pro-dominant on males than on
females? I was hoping to spawn them since they are now my daughters
favorites and she observes them quite often and keeps me informed on
their habits. Also this would be great for her to do a report on for
science but I wanted to make sure there were females to ensure the
ability for the spawning.
On Apr 14, 2006,-in-6:31 PM, Bob Muller wrote:

> I have caught blacknose dace heavy
> with eggs and had them spawn with 5 minutes of being poured out of the
> collecting bucket into an aquarium.
> Bob Muller
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