Re: NANFA-L-- California Natives - They're All Threatened or

J. C. (
Thu, 25 Aug 2005 20:54:28 -0700 (PDT)

All the fish that get re released go through a
quaritine before they get the go ahead to be released.
I would never want to release an exotic species to a
water shed. I would like to see these fish re
introduced to all the areas they used to be in. What
has been this fishes problem is an introduced species.
It was introduced as a bait fish. Anyone that has a
long track record with fish has good practices in
place to keep from spreading pathogens around the fish
room like using only on net per tank or using a
sterilizing solution to dip the net. I have a strong
methylene blue solution that I dip my net in before
hanging it up. I know this only works with fungus and
bacteria but it helps alot. If you are going to raise
an endangered species for release these tank need to
be totally isolated from your other tanks. I plan on
setting up a rack of tanks for these fish in another
room and no equipment used on these tanks will ever
touch my other types of fish. Just hope I can get in
on this program. If not I will settle with other

Later, J. C.

> I am also interested in breeding the fish, but I
> think the idea of
> re-releasing them would scare me half-to-death. What
> if I introduced
> some genetic anomaly or parasite that wiped out the
> native fish where I
> had introduced them? I would feel horrible beyond
> words. Sick is
> probably a better term. I had thought about
> introducing them to streams
> they had historically occupied, but have since been
> extirpated from.

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