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J. C. (
Thu, 25 Aug 2005 21:08:22 -0700 (PDT)

Yes that is the one. The fish I caught about 6 years
ago has to be one of the 2 you mentioned. I looked
into the rules on seining and trapping minnows. If it
is not on the federal endangered list you can legally
catch them and use them for personal bait. But TN has
a protection statis on them so if you catch and sell
bait fish you are given a wider list of fish you can
not take and the barrens topminnow is on that list.
But since they are given a protection from the state
they are illegal to catch and put in aquaria without a
permit. All this info was word of mouth and not writen
rules from a wildlife officer. Since it will be
atleast next summer I have alot of time to research

Later, J. C.

P.S. I found this group by doing google search for

--- Bruce Stallsmith <> wrote:

> John, I suspect you're talking about Barrens
> Topminnows, Fundulus julisia.
> Pat Rakes of Conservation Fisheries, Inc. in
> Knoxville did a widespread
> survey for them several years ago, and as you know
> they've pretty much
> disappeared from most of their original range. They
> may be down to two
> springs, maybe three, all on private land. For a
> variety of reasons they
> don't have federal protection, but the state of
> Tennessee extended some
> level of protection to the species (I forget which
> off the top of my head).
> If you found a new (or rediscovered, really) site
> that would be impressive.
> Breeding this species is not a major challenge, the
> CFI people have produced
> lots of them and I think there's still an exhibit at
> the Chattanooga
> Aquarium with lots of them. Habitat protection is
> the name of the game, and
> there are limited sticks to use on private
> landowners (like, almost none).
> One of the ironies with this species is that a major
> threat to their springs
> has been tree farmers raising saplings to be
> distributed through the
> National Arbor Day Foundation; many of these farmers
> are kinda slack with
> their soil conservation efforts, which of course
> destroys key habitat for
> this fish.
> I hope you find Barrens topminnows, and not their
> common distant cousin the
> northern studfish, F. catenatus.
> --Bruce Stallsmith
> it's all about spring systems near the Tennessee
> Huntsville, AL, US of A
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