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Christopher Scharpf (
Sat, 27 Aug 2005 09:05:03 -0400

> Is this species considered to be on the decline in general?

Well, just about every aquatic species can be said to be in decline.
Trout-perch, however, appears to be globally common. According to

United States
Alaska (S3), Connecticut (SX), District of Columbia (SH), Illinois (S2),
Indiana (S2), Iowa (S3), Kentucky (S3), Maryland (SX), Massachusetts (SH),
Michigan (S4), Minnesota (SNR), Missouri (S1?), Montana (S2), Nebraska (S1),
New Jersey (SX), New York (S3), North Dakota (SNR), Ohio (SNR), Pennsylvania
(S4), South Dakota (S2), Utah (SNA), Vermont (S3), Virginia (SX), Washington
(SNR), West Virginia (S4), Wisconsin (S4)

Alberta (S5), British Columbia (S5), Manitoba (S5), Northwest Territories
(SNR), Nunavut (SNR), Ontario (S5), Quebec (S4), Saskatchewan (S5)

S5 = common in state
S4 = apparently secure in state
S3 = vulnerable in state
S2 = imperiled in state
S1 = critically imperiled in state
SX = extirpated in state
SNR = status not yet assessed in state

> Also attached is a photo of a record grass pike

Sorry, attachments are stripped out by NANFA's server.

Chris Scharpf
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