Re: NANFA-L-- fish transportation

Joey Holmes (
Mon, 14 Aug 2006 16:49:32 -0500

Being from south Alabama (though as some of you know I'm now in South Dakota finishing my last degree) my main concern when collecting for my classroom and personal use over the years has always been temperature more so than sloshing. I solved my temperature issues by installing a small chiller unit through a hole drilled near the base of the cooler. This was initially run off a spare battery through a timer so that it ran 20 minutes of each hour so as to not cool the fish too much. This was done to an old coleman and for those of you familiar with the old metal coleman...they latch pretty tightly. I recently replaced this with a new coleman that has a chiller built in (Menards) that can be plugged in at the hotels at night or can run off cigarette lighter during the day. I have this one running through a thermostat (not included) so it runs when needed. This cooler has a pretty tight seal on the lid and sloshing has not been much of a problem as yet. Also has grooves built in for a
shelves and it didn't take much to create some plexi shelves with perforations to help reduce any sloshing that was occurring. So far no losses and no sloshing.
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