RE: NANFA-L-- What Happens When Fish Suck?

Irate Mormon (
Sat, 19 Aug 2006 21:23:19 -0500

Peter, that is a good response. That is probably the very pitch he made
to get the grant money, or something similar. It IS a very compelling
argument. You do have to make your proposal fit into the big picture in
order to get funding.

But seriously, what are the chances that anything significant will come
from this study? I'll admit the probability is non-zero, but it isn't
very high either. Smaller still are the odds of any practical
application (i.e. real world) arising therefrom. I can't blame anyone
for being curious - I totally understand that. But I think there ought
to be a litmus test- say, "If I had to pay for this with my own money,
would I still do the research?" All those little thousand dollar grants
and stuff add up to real money over time. And guys like me have to fork
over tax money without having a say-so in the matter.


They call me Irate for a reason...:-)
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