Re: NANFA-L-- What Happens When Fish Suck?

Derek Parr (
Sun, 20 Aug 2006 14:12:09 -0400 wrote:
> Well.......... .
> Most endeavors that take place would not be undertaken if the
> individual doing the work had to pay with his or her own money. Most
> people just don't have the wherewithal, and so they have to do things
> to feed, clothe, shelter themselves. Fact is, except in certain fields
> and for a limited portion of people in those fields, scientists pay
> substantially in terms of money by foregoing the level of income that a
> good many less talented individuals command because they (the
> scientists) are committed to exploring the unknown.

(A previous post allready answered this one -derek)
<No argument there - I don't like my money being distributed to others in
<any manner I don't approve. Let those who want to fund fish sucking
<projects and political mailers do so with their own money - you'll
<hear me complain once. For instance, I fully approve of how NANFA
<spends the money I voluntarily send them.

2ND EMAIL: wrote:
> I am one who wants fish sucking projects funded with my money, and I
> pay taxes. Get your own country, ala Fidel (maybe now Raul?) if you
> want to tell everyone exactly how their money will be spent to suit
> yourself. I put up with the mailers and other waste in order to get
> the worthwhile stuff like fish sucking projects, studies of phylogeny
> and ............... .

Unless I misunderstood, the method being described to fund such projects
was compared to how individuals pay fees to a larger organization that
uses those fund to do such research. Such as NANFA on a small scale and
many others in the world. I'm not seeing how that could be deemed
communistic. I hope that was just a misunderstanding. If anything,
the idea of giving lots of money to a central government and then
letting that body make the decisions where the money goes would be more
of a communistic theory (relatively speaking). I'm not saying which
method would have more merit, because I do not know. The world is grey
and full of unseen consequences. Although I do believe the "masses"
would have more responsibility than they are now given the chance to
have. I do not believe that would be perfect either. I would like to
hear this debate go further and perhaps bring light on such ideas, but
only if there are actual new thoughts to bring up that aren't just meant
to insult through metaphore.

-derek parr
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