Re: NANFA-L-- What Happens When Fish Suck?

Travis Haas (
Sun, 20 Aug 2006 20:46:32 -0500

Peter Unmack wrote:

> On Sat, 19 Aug 2006, Irate Mormon wrote:
>>But I think there ought to be a litmus test- say, "If I had to pay for
>>this with my own money, would I still do the research?"
> That's what I've always said about people before they should be able to
> reproduce (irrespective of money). :-)

This is completely inappropriate for a fish list, but, I was wondering...

Why do people have to prove themselves as capable of properly raising a
child in order to adopt one, but anybody is allowed to have one the good
old fashioned way? Think of all the unhappy, detrimental childhoods
that could be avoided.

Please, no one respond to this tangent. That's the last thing nanfa-l

Travis Haas
On the banks of the "jeez, that's one toxic dump" Fox River
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