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Traci Greve (
Tue, 29 Aug 2006 07:19:14 -0700 (PDT)

Becky, Unfortunately it sounds like you have a bad
regional animal care person, among other people that
don't care or know better. If you want to say
something, the Petco hotline # is 18887369834, the
number is used to report unethical situations in our
stores. You can also e-mail They
should not have sick animals for sale, especially
after you point it out that they are sick. Our reptile
vet knows me by name, as we do get in sick animals
sometimes. I took a bearded dragon to the vet the
other day that had a piece of sand stuck in its eye
that we couldn't get out. The manager has a choice to
take care of the animals or not. If they aren't or if
the regional animal person is getting in the way,
someone needs to say something. We are NEVER to put a
live animal into the freezer, even a sick fish. Stores
are given Finquel (MS-222) to euthanize fish.
I would give them a call, stores like that give us a
bad reputation. They DO NOT take calls to that #
lightly. Everyone and their brother gets a copy of the
report you file.

Of course, Boca is the #2 Petco store for fish sales
in all of Petco. Maybe this is partially because I
care about what happens to every single
fish/lizard/snake that I sell (or refuse to sell). I
know that the number of fish that I bring in for
adoption is a service that I personally coordinate
with the managers of my store. However, all the
procedures and paperwork for taking in any animal are
easily accessible to everyone that wants to take the
initiative. Maybe there is a law in this area that
says we have to take in abandoned animals. I thought
it was all of Petco. I'll check on that.

Here are the sheets I hand out at work on

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