Re: NANFA-L-- cold euthanasia
Tue, 29 Aug 2006 23:19:07 +0700

Sorry for being negative but I am not so sure about the thought that
freezing is humane and painless, since often when I put fish
[headwater cyprinids] in freezing water and ice to knock them prior to
setting their fins and preservation they thrash around violently for a
few seconds. This may not be pain but I doubt they are not in extreme
stress and discomfort for that few second.....


Bonnie McNeely wrote:
> I read the recent email concerning Petco. It mentioned that sick animals are not to be put in the freezer. Though the company may have a legitimate reason for that, if a fish is to be euthanized, that is actually a very humane approach. Unfortunately, some university Animal Care and Use Committee personnel reject it since it is not approved for veterianarians. However, the fish simply slow down their metabolism, eventually it goes to zero, and the animals die a painless death.
> I use it, and I think it is the best approach, rather than the (1) expensive, and (2) toxic MS-222 mentioned. Clove oil is an inexpensive and less toxic alternative to MS-222, but is not really necessary for euthanasia.
> Dave
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