Re: NANFA-L-- Rampant Cottony Fungi
Thu, 1 Dec 2005 23:52:33 EST

OK I'm a day late and dollar short in this but I've good luck with salt
water treatments for this type of fungus. I don't mean dips but bringing up the
salinity of the water rather fast until the fish dies or the fungus dies. In
almost all cases the fish will die if the fungus isn't treated aggressively
with antifungal medicines. which as most of us know are basically worthless. Sea
salt is best, not medicinal sea salts but actual sea salts you would use to
make up salt water. Antibiotics meant for bacteria are worthless. A tiny but
constant amount of hydrogen peroxide can help as well but I really don't know
how much to add but I would start with the salt and peroxide in amounts that
are well known not to hurt fish. But I would be much more aggressive with
the salt water mix. Believe it or not a great many fish are very salt tolerant.
I have measured salinity in koi ponds that was higher than sea water. Any
way you look-in-it the fish is going to die so experimenting for cure can be a
good thing. Just keep records.


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