Re: NANFA-L-- Chrosomus lifespan

Mysteryman (
Sat, 03 Dec 2005 08:14:14 -0800

Al G Eaton wrote:

>In Beaver Creek, which is probably the southern most
>population or close to it
Almost, but not quite. Silver Creek, Randons Creek & Watters Creek has
them, and then of course the huge swamp starts, and who knows what's
down in IT? There are supposed to be some near Perdue Hill as well, but
while I found some streams which looked promising, I could find no fish.
Nearby-in-Gosport the swamp has Bluenose, too, but good luck getting
anywhere near them.

How did you guys manage to get down to the water-in-Beaver Creek,
anyway? I thought I was going to need a rope ladder or something.
Oh, by the way, Beaver Creek is where I saw those mysterious
whatever-they-weres last year which were the most gorgeous fish I've
ever seen. I mentioned them here-in-the time. They looked kinda like
huge, bright scarlet & gold pupfish. They were spawning in pits on the
bottom. I think the popular concensus around here was that they were
some sort of Luxilus sp.

>Fish being annual in the wild and having a much longer
>life span in captivity isn't an unusual occurrence.
So true! Lucky for us, eh?

Now, if I can just keep those silly rainbows from jumping out of the
tank so much. Sheesh! Those are the jumpin'est little guys...

I got a bunch of Burrheads this summer which spawned and survived just
fine. I don't know if that means anything whatsoever, but I thought I'd
mention it in case it did. I didn't know what they were when I got them,
since they were in spawning color and looked completely different, being
solid cherry red with two bright gold stripes. Now they're just their
plain silvery color, though. I don't know if anyone has any record of
their spawning coloration, so I figured I'd mention it. I couldn't find
any reference to any fish colored that way when I was trying to identify
them, and in fact I couldn't identify them until their normal colors
returned, so I suspect that it might be useful info to write down someplace.
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