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I have been keeping two eels that were collected in my 40 now 90 gal
tank. Both are young and one is much smaller than the other but they
work great as tank cleaners and tend to actually live in the gravel and
come out when the light dims.
They are extremely healthy and do well with the darters, mudminnows and
pirate perch as well as the two crayfish who have made claim to
driftwood in my tank .

I have extensive experience with eels, they are cute when small but will
either jump out and be found days or weeks later as little dried corpses (best
thing that could happen) or they will grow and eat every fish you have. I put
one in a fifteen gallon aquarium, very tiny, less than 3" long. It disappeared
and I figured it had crawled out and dried up. about 18 months later I tore
down the aquarium because I couldn't keep any fish other than plecstomus
catfish in the tank. Everything else disappeared with in days of being put in the
tank. Imagine my surprise when a two foot eel was found under the UG filter
plate. A fat and very predatory eel. They will eat all your fish and they are
not tank cleaners by any means. I am sorry to be so blunt but eels are eels
and expecting them to live with together fish is like expecting redfin
pickerels to live with gambusia

Michael Hissom (AKA Moon)
Lower Cape Fear River, Waccamaw Lake and river system, and coastal salt
water and brackish water estuaries in the same location. (South Eastern North
I have access to the only natural Ocean Shore Rock out cropping in Coastal NC
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