Re: NANFA-L-- OT: Sales of Males

Mysteryman (
Sun, 11 Dec 2005 20:09:05 -0800

Uhm, Josh, marine tanks have been easy for well over a decade now.
Heck, even the reef tank has been practical & popular for 20 years.
Maybe you guys in the Adirondacks were a little behind or something?
Those mortality rates you guessed are also WAY off, but I can see how
you could get those figures if your shop & others in your area were in
the habit of buying fish from the wrong few places. It's often the case
that all the shops in a given area use the same very few wholesalers, so
if your wholesaler was a bad one you could have gotten numbers like
those while thousands of hobbyists in other regions were enjoying their
highly successful tanks with long-lived organisms.
Personally, I've found marine tanks to be considerably EASIER than
freshwater ones in many ways. Maybe now that you've moved to Ohio you'll
have better luck?

back on topic:

It annoys me that females are so hard to find in many species. I'm sure
that demand plays a big part in it, but I can't help but notice that
female dwarf gouramis suddenly got a LOT harder to find once the fancy
"fire" and other similar strains became available. If anything, it would
seem to me that people would be even more interested in breeding such fish.

That black ruby barb females are hard to find is not just irksome, but
downright distressing. That's one of those nearly-extinct-in-the-wild
species still found in aquaria, and we need as many females available to
hobbyists as possible.
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