RE: NANFA-L-- OT: Sales of Males

Irate Mormon (
Mon, 12 Dec 2005 23:02:40 -0600

I could buy that, if you could convince me the box stores were actually
_interested_ in the fish as merchandise (or even as an animal) or for
other purpose than a marketing expense for the dry goods, which are
they understand the merchandizing for

Todd, there is SOME validity to what you say, since live animals are not
really a profit center for retailers. Even in the pet shops I worked at
(pre-PetsMart) fishes were not considered profitable. They did drive
sales of hard goods. Of course, as an employee I enjoyed selling the
fish and talking to customers about them much more than selling filters,
etc. But here is the thing: a pet shop is NOT a pet shop without pets.
It is the actual animals that the whole business revolves around. I have
seen pet supply houses (dry goods only) - they didn't last. The live
animals are the centerpiece of the banquet. That is why PetsMart
continues to sell them, makes a HUGE investment in their idiot-proof
display system, and loses money on them.

I don't know if Jan's observation is a widespread practice, but if so, I
am still certain that the average customer, even today, would not blink
at buying fish which are sold only as pairs or trios.
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