NANFA-L--Pirate Perch good eggs

Bob Muller (
Thu, 16 Feb 2006 20:26:18 -0500

Just found 28 egg in the Pirate Perch tank. Thy are 1.2 mm in diameter and
have bodies with heads and eyes wrapped around the yoke and no pigment.
Eggs are slightly cloudy giving the impression that they are infertile or
starting to fungus. There were maybe 10 eggs in the tank that were solid
white. I have removed them as I do with most fish eggs and have them in a
small container with several drops of MarOxy. The water was 65 F. There
are three fish in the tank, two about 2.5 inches long and the third about 2
inches. It is a 15-gallon with sides, back and bottom painted black. I
have been not lighting the tank it was dark due to being in the basement
with only the light from the other tanks available. The tank is bare
bottomed with a half flower pot with two 4 X 6 ceramic tiles leaning on it
and a piece of wood with java fern on it as well as two sinking mops. I
noticed white eggs on top of the mop and found one fertile egg there. The
other eggs were in a area the size of a 25 cent piece where on of the tiles
meet the tank bottom.

Bob Muller
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