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Crail, Todd (tcrail-in-UTNet.UToledo.Edu)
Sat, 18 Feb 2006 23:35:27 -0500

Re the simoterum... C'mmon!! We're talking Ulocentra on different river
miles! <evil grin>

<snip 3/15/05 from the good Dr. Neely>
If the snubnoses are from Shelbyville, then they're an undescribed form of
simoterum that Steve Powers is currently describing. In the Duck, E. duryi is
only well upstream of there, where the river comes off the edge of the
Highland Rim.

Re "only 8 species"....

That was only one site. However... If you make a 20 mile circle around
Manchester (just east of Shelbyville), I think the number bumps to above 20
species of darter alone, with prolly 1/3 of them endemics (depending on how
you want to split Catonotus and Ulocentra). I will start to put together last
year's notes from the Spring Fling this week. I tell ya... That area sure is
a neat place for all the cow pies you have to watch out for. Better see it
while you can. Saw a couple McMansion neighborhoods going up on Rt 50. I
think Nashville sprawl is calling. We were given about 15 "can't miss 'em"
flame chub sites and saw a whole whopping total of 3 individuals. We actually
caught as many spring cavefish as we did flamers.... which I hope to remember
to get a pic of this year lol.

But I will not be doing that report until before I post the files I told Chris
I would put up "tomorrow" a week ago :)

Oh and fyi... My Farmertodd website webhost just updated their platform...
And they're not going to allow folder browsing any more. So any fish pics I'd
dumped into folders... I need to index with an html file now... Like I needed
something else to do. So that'll all be out of commission for a bit.

The Schedule Madness, Toledo, OH
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