Re: NANFA-L-- Speckled Dace - Where Oh Where

Jerry Baker (
Fri, 24 Feb 2006 14:55:12 -0800

Todd D. Crail wrote:
> These are questions that probably need answered more than a look-in-life
> histories of the specific species. No food, wrong environment, interuptions
> in lower trophic levels... no spawning, no adults. Simple as that. No one
> can say hum about what you're doing, and you're still making a contribution
> to the success of the species.

I don't have the training or experience to make a determination about
their diet. They have been extirpated from almost everywhere except for
a couple of sites, so it's hard to draw inferences. The only thing I
know very well is water chemistry and fish husbandry along with a knack
for statistics. I want to contribute where I can, but I am in no way
qualified to design and implement meaningful measurements of other
associated aquatic species. I suppose I could go see how many I see and
report that along with water conditions. I dunno.

Thanks for the encouragement.
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