Re: NANFA-L-- Car talk banned? Now eco rantings
Fri, 6 Jan 2006 02:02:08 EST

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So just be careful when you generalize. I suspect the NANFA
>> membership is a
> rather varied group and are not carbon copy clones of one another.

WHAT! you mean all you guys don't have long white hair and live in your
parents basements surrounded by fish and still trying to get up the nerve to call
a girl? Tell me it's not true! Actually I am just happy to have people to
talk to who occasionally take my quasi-sane ravings about fish seriously. I've
made some really good friends on this list, I know that might sound
superficial since I haven't even met most of you but bonds can form among diverse
people who share a common interest. sometimes we disagree, most of the time it's
civilized and even those who I have had less than civil words with I still
feel a bond of respect for their passion about the same thing I feel passion
about. OK I'll stop, I've a couple of beers and I get all wordy when I type
while impaired. But I really didn't even notice the car thing but can we get some
support for not eating caviar? I seriously think eating the eggs of rare and
or endangered fish as a snack is somewhat barbaric. Even my grandfather who
had less than a 6th grade education and spent his life living off the land
would throw back gravid female fish when he caught them. He often came up with
very thoughtful ecology minded ideas-in-a time when very few people gave such
things a second thought. I do know that his respect for the natural world is
what inspired the same in me.

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