Re: NANFA-L-- Sturgeon exports banned.
Fri, 6 Jan 2006 02:26:34 EST

I used to drive a 79 full sized jeep Cherokee. I got around 12 to 16 miles
to the gallon town/hiway but it also got me to some places that were absolutely
wonderful, allowed me to do and see things no other car would have done.
I've hauled a 105 pound shark in the back as well as a live well full of freshly
caught aquarium fish. I also kept it full of junk, not my junk but the junk
other people left behind and I picked up. I once had a woman stop me on the
beach and literally cuss me out, she thought the beach should be walked on
only. After she finished her tirade I opened the back and showed her all the
trash I had picked up that day, much of it left by people just walking around on
the beach. she tried to say something but I just got back in my jeep and
drove away. Not all four wheel drives are as worthless as some would have us
believe but the word SUV has come to mean something besides an off road vehicle
and far too many big expensive SUV's are being used as some sort of status
symbol or maybe it's something I don't understand but never judge a book by
it's cover. that gas hog ahead of you just might be driven by someone who wants
to get as far away from the road as he can. I've found that many of those
people take better care of nature than many of the people carrying signs and
protesting things they have little or no real understanding of.

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