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Todd D. Crail (tcrail-in-UTNet.UToledo.Edu)
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Yeah. If anyone wants to read the paper, it's on McRae's website:

Jeffro had other info, I think from Badra and MDNR surveys. It's more like
31 species in the basin, if I remember correctly. Considering I found 11
looking around kinda half-arsed and their greatest richness-in-a site was
12... I have a little higher hopes for richness in the stream. And I'm sure
I saw three ridge and heelsplitters, they were just too deep in the channel
to reach because they're too large to get pushed to the side like the
rainbows and creeper. So that puts my count higher than what they found

I'm excited to see they found rayed bean, and I've never seen an ellipse, so
that will be an exciting find if we see one. Although, I imagine it could
have been a funky rainbow or wavy-rayed.


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> The famous River Raisin... I just recently read a paper about mussel
> diversity in the River Raisin by McRae, Allan and Burch, in Freshwater
> Biology, 2004. They surveyed pretty much the whole basin and found 21
> species with decently high abundance and diversity. I'm glad the real
> works about to be more interesting than a fairly dispassionate
> Of course, on one site in the Tennessee we found 23 species of mussels but
> the Tennessee's flood plain doesn't exactly exist any more. (And no fat
> muckets in the Tennessee here but we do have pink muckets.)
> --Bruce Stallsmith
> along the balmy Tennessee
> Huntsville, AL, US of A
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