RE: NANFA-L-- ID of Sunfish and Taking Pictures

Dave Neely (
Sun, 15 Jan 2006 20:59:12 -0600

Hi Dean,

1. Juvenile sunfish in that area can be, umm, difficult. Try Jenkins &
Burkhead's fishes of VA, or there's a really crappy PDF key to Maryland
fishes available on the DNR website at...

2. You can use a a small tank and a separate piece of glass (the size of the
tank) to press the fish parallel up against the side of the tank. You also
might want to cut a hole the size of your camera lens in a piece of black
foam-core board to cut down on glare. You can also slow them down a bit with
clove oil...

3. Some folks like Shutterfly...but I'm not entirely sold on it.


>Hello all! I am in need of help identifying some sunfish I have in my 110
>gal tank. I know I have a single pumpkinseed. I also four others that
>seem to resemble a pumpkinseed but also have other traits that indicate
>maybe redbreast, redear or outside chance a bluegill. The fish are young,
>being about 7-8 months and are about 3 inches long. The pumpkinseed came
>from the Chiques Creek, a tributary of the Susquehanna here in Lancaster
>County. The other four came from Grubb Lake, a 6 acre flooded open pit
>iron ore mine here also.
>So, my questions are:
>1. What are some good sources for identifying these?
>2. How the heck do you take a good picture of these nosy fish? I've been
>trying with my Nikon Coolpix 4600 but they keep coming nose on to the
>3. Assuming I can get pics, where can I post them for people to see?
>Dean A. Markley
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