Re: NANFA-L-- Tank Bottom

Mysteryman (
Thu, 19 Jan 2006 07:31:51 -0800

At the aquarium where I used to work we had a steel 1500 gallon tank
which also had more than it's fair share of problems, including this
one. We solved it by pouring a 1/4 inch deep layer of liquid rubber
stuff on the bottom, and it was a permanent fix. However, it wasn't
cheap & it didn't smell very good.
Come to think of it, how much leeway are you allowed in the odor
department for this little project?
Anyway, a faster, cheaper, easier, and probably better smelling option
you could try is epoxy paint. Put a coat of metal primer on the entire
bottom, and then cover it with about 4 coats of food & fish grade epoxy
paint like Sweetwater brand, available-in-Aquarium EcoSystems, inc of
Apopka/ORLANDO. ( They have a website ) It is very important that you
use Sweetwater, Pratt & Lambert, or some other fish & food-safe type of
epoxy; the stuff you'll find-in-Lowes for your garage floor simply won't do.
You can have your tanks up & running in a week with this stuff. You'll
need about 5 gallons if your tanks are as big as I imagine they probably
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