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If the purpose of collecting is educational (as in for a school or
college class, public aquarium), then an educational or scientific
collecting permit is available in most states. Just check with your
state agency. In many states, fish other than protected (game, special
concern, t & e) can be collected with a sport fishing license, as most
of you know. In most states, the fact that the fish will be kept in an
aquarium doesn't matter, unless there is some special protection for
either the species, or the location.

If the fish are to be sold, then a commercial license is required in
most states. Some states have particular restrictions on the sale of
non-food fish (such as bait in Oklahoma). If the state forbids the
collecting and sale of non-game, non-edible fish, so be it. I would
advise obeying the law. Sale of fish into foreign countries might
involve an import license in many countries, and some forbid the import
of non-native wildlife (wonder why?). It might also involve an export
license for the U.S.

So far as ostensibly collecting fish for bait, then selling them into
the aquarium trade ..... Wow! Big time No No I would think.

The short answer is, probably yes, but not without jumping through some


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