NANFA-L-- signipinnis spawned.

Joseph S. (
Sat, 21 Jan 2006 17:51:01 -0800

I noticed some odd behavior this afternoon in my 46 gallon bowfront
tank. One of the males out of a group was vigorously chasing after the
others and also chasing a plump female. The normally black lateral
stripe was bluish and he had lightened in color considerably. He
nipped-in-the females vent as he chased, quivered as he swam, and went
through some pretty interesting swimming motion including a manuever
where he went above and cut in a steep arc in front of the female in a
display. The female would begin investigating the plants and when the
oppurtunity presented itself the male pushed his way alongside the
female. Quick thrash and maybe 10-15 eggs sank to the bottom...maybe a
little larger than zebra danio eggs. I made an attempt to siphon away
some and later caught some eggs as they released a group near the
surface amongst a clump of floating java moss(but if left untouched
would have followed the filter currently slowly to the bottom and no
doubt eaten). The other inhabitants include Montezumae swords,
American flagfish, and a lone male golden topminnow.

With this kind of handling is their any chance of the eggs being fertile still?

Would a breeding tank be advisable? I could try to free up a ten
gallon if it would work.

I don't know what triggered these fish...except maybe my thoughts
earlier in the day that they just didn't seem to be doing anything!
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