Re: NANFA-L-- Pigeon Mtn dace/chub hybrid
Thu, 21 Jul 2005 14:57:01 EDT

im curious about others encounters w/ hybrids.
also what keeps hybrids from reproducing and somewhat creating other
species? are they sterile? couldnt a pair of same hybrids reproduce and then you
have a plethora of baby hybrids. how does that work and what keeps say sunfish
from honogenizing. ive been in streams where i can count 6 or 7 distinct
sunfish species.

that is neat gerald that your hybrid lived many years.

i lost my oddly marked logperch sometime after i moved him to the cement
pond. a couple weekends ago i found a big fat bellied catfish hiding under the
turtle raft and then last weekend a big warmouth waiting in ambush in the
cattail shadows. very handsome but he has gotta go! both were tiny when i put
them in years ago. 1 or 2".

i miss that cute little logperch. i think he had a touch of hybrid in him.

blue fish ridge
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