Re: NANFA-L-- Pigeon Mtn dace/chub hybrid

marxxx (
Thu, 21 Jul 2005 15:25:07 -0400

> im curious about others encounters w/ hybrids.
> also what keeps hybrids from reproducing and somewhat creating other
> species? are they sterile? couldnt a pair of same hybrids reproduce and
> then you
> have a plethora of baby hybrids. how does that work and what keeps say
> sunfish
> from honogenizing. ive been in streams where i can count 6 or 7 distinct
> sunfish species.

It is not a normal occurance in the wild. There are many triggers in nature
to get animlas to breed. Many times animals that are in the location
(stream/pond) have slightly different triggers (temperature for example). If
the temp is even a couple degrees different to induce spawning, that would
essentially keep two species from hybridizing. Physical separation is one of
the greatest reasons there are not more hybrids. Though it may happen in the
wild, it is not "normal".
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