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Mark Otnes (
Thu, 21 Jul 2005 14:58:28 -0500

Minnesotans are dealing with a strange twist in the area of forest areas
becoming developed. As you probably know, national forests often consist of
a lot of privately owned land and that is the case in much of northern
Minnesota. It turns out that logging companies owned large chunks of this
land but they are now breaking much of this up-in-selling it to private
individuals. As a result more and more of the forest areas of northern
Minnesota are becoming private and posted (the logging companies let public
on much of their land).

It's kind of an ironic twist and I don't know which is better ecologically.
I'm guessing that a logging company could-in-least be treated as a single
entity and would probably be more susceptible to public pressure for proper
land use, and they did let the general public onto their land.

Mark Otnes
Fargo ND

>>mark asks...
> >What is causing all of the development down there, people just wanting
>buy a get-away? Are they permanent residents or people fleeing the cities
>on a weekend?
>it seems as if very little land in my region is undeveloped, be it
>homesteads, new subdivisions, pastures, tree or crop farms. im always
>suprised that
>when studying a map i think i will be going into a fairly unpopulated area
>find it patterned w/ fields and farms. the area i was in was made up of
>residents poor and rich and farms... cattle, crops and horses. only the
>was unpopulated and densly forested. a lot of acreage was being sold as a
>home weekend getaway mini farms. there seems to be a surge in the last few
>years in my region, mountains and the florida panhandle to buy or build
>i see that a lot. i would too if i could. i wouldnt cut down all the trees!
>i would nest my home as quietly as possible. :) "keeper of the spring"
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