NANFA-L-- Niagara region darters

Gerald Pottern (
Mon, 20 Mar 2006 07:32:03 -0800 (PST)

Gary - there's actually many N.Amer natives that dont
need wintering. Ive kept Mountain redbelly dace,
rainbow shiners, okefenokee and everglades pygmy
sunfishes, longear sunfish, etc-in-room temp (66-72F
in winter, 78-84F in summer) and they look great and
breed for years. I dont even change my light timers -
8 am to 10 pm year-round. I think some folks have also
had orangethroat & rainbow darters breed without
winter cooling. Im guessing southern ones may be more
adaptable than northern. Clean water & good food is
the key.

Gerald Pottern
Hangin on the Neuse, NC

Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2006 16:03:19 -0500
From: Gary Elson or Mary Frauley
Subject: NANFA-L-- Niagara region darters

I have just rejoined this list after several years'
absence. I stoppedkeeping native fish because I
couldn't adequately overwinter my local fish
(I'm in Montreal Quebec). They didn't respond well to
permanent summer in myhouse. A few weeks ago, I
realized a largely unused, always above zerocelsius
mini-greenhouse in the high-school where I work would
solve thatproblem - I can keep the fish cool enough
all summer-in-my place andoverwinter them-in-work. I'm
now waiting for the ice to go so I can get back
to keeping and learning about some of my old favourite
local Etheostoma fromthe canal up the street.

However, I am going to be in the Niagara Falls region
(Canadian side) thissummer, on a very short and not
very mobile visit. I would like to catch some rainbow
darters, a fish which occurs in my region but in such
a smallrange and in such limited numbers I would never
even try to catch them here.
I want some colourful natives to maybe draw some of
the kids who keeptropicals into a native fish
conservation project. I'll be heading north for
some Phoxinus, but a colourful darter is a sight to
behold. Reading suggestsrainbows are common around
Niagara. Since I won't be in a position to look
around extensively, can someone with experience of the
region help me cheatmyself of the full exploration
experience and steer me to some likely
fishing spots?

Gary Elson
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