Re: NANFA-L-- Live Culture Options

Mysteryman (
Mon, 27 Mar 2006 20:47:52 -0800

Crail, Todd wrote:

>Hi Geoff,
>The articles kinda get-in-it, but I don't see (on a skim over) that they
>address the aquatic types.
>The ones you find in your backyard are typically Armadillidium vulgare. They
Would a fish actually want to eat a pillbug? They are hard & crunchy,
and then there's that disgusting smell... I suppose most fish might not
actually mind that, but pillbugs shouldn't be a common natural prey
item, should they?

By the way, I met a guy online once who had wiped out his entire tank
tank of African Cichlids by feeding them mushrooms. Good old portabello
mushrooms, the ones we humans eat with such relish, are deadly to fish,
it seems. He fed them to his fish to supplement their diet which was a
bit too lean on "veggies," never thinking that 'shrooms aren't veggies
at all.
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