NANFA-L-- Striped shiners

Gerald Pottern (
Wed, 29 Mar 2006 12:31:34 -0800 (PST)

I sent this note to Steve Fraley in response to
casper's post on behalf of steve:

Hi Steve - just saw casper's post on nanfa. i'm not
sure about striped shiners, but crescents (cerasinus)
will spawn in an aquarium over a shallow tray of
coarse gravel or glass marbles, with a filter or
powerhead positioned so that it creates some current
over the "nest" but not so strong that it blasts the
eggs out before they can settle. Get the eggs out
soon before they suffocate under the gravel, or else
rig up some way to provide current under the gravel
(mesh bottom container or something). Having chubs
present may help but isnt necessary; they can spawn
without chubs. they might even spawn year-round with
good food, clean water, & long photoperiod. Ive had
rainbow shiners spawn for several years kept-in-room
temp with negligible seasonal variation in temp or
light. Lots of good food seems to be the main
trigger. especially live blackworms, which you might
be able to harvest free from trout farm settling
ponds. ($15 -20 a pound if you have to buy them).
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