RE: NANFA-L-- Photograph and Release

Ben Dattilo (
Wed, 29 Mar 2006 23:46:29 -0500

I just made myself a thin rectangular tank and did have some difficulty
getting a good view of small fishes just because the bottom seal gets in the
way . . . this V sounds like a good idea . . what is the approximate angle
between the two pieces of glass-in-the bottom of the V?

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However... There is another. I call it the "Dave Neely Flying V". It's
basically two panes angled away from each other with supports on both ends.
Probably not hard to build if you're handy with that kind of stuff. Maybe
can even talk the good Dr. Neely into donating a couple to the auction at
convention this year <wink wink nudge nudge> Anyway. (of course, if you'd like your own
directory Dave, just holler)

I've seen similar things in stores for little planters. Wasn't thinking
when I just walked past them :)
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