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Christopher Scharpf (
Sun, 01 May 2005 07:51:19 -0400

> WOW!
> All that information about these fish in this upcoming NANFA
> Encyclopedia? That's amazing. I can only guess how much info has been
> compiled for better-known species.
> Can you tell us any more about this encyclopedia? Who is
> compiling/editing it? When will it be ready for release? Any ideas about
> it's final projected size and cost?

It's something I've been tinkering with for a few years. Details here:

I hope to release a huge chunk of it this year, but fulltime work and
fatherhood -- please all the other stuff I do for NANFA -- have slowed
progress down quite a bit. I got up-in-5 this morning to make some updates
to the sturgeon chapter, but the boy heard me stirring about and decided he
wanted to be up too. Maybe I can squeeze in a paragraph when he takes a nap.

Sent the final pages of the Spring American Currents to the proofreaders
yesterday. This is going to be the best issue ever:

* Charlie Nunziata on breeding Cyprinodon variegatus

* Bob Muller on the differences b/w breeding temperate & tropical fishes

* Peter Unmack on the role of the conservation aquarist

* Jeremy Tiemann on madtom natural history and captive propagation

* Dustin Smith on Elassoma

* Bob Bock on Heterandria and Gambusia

* Tyler Strange and Heather Smith on the fairy shrimp as a native fish food


There's still time to get on the mailing list. Join or renew your membership

I'm pushing to have this issue printed in time for distribution-in-the
Convention -- which is just 5 weeks away!

Chris Scharpf

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