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The NANFA Encyclopedia of North American Freshwater Fishes

In preparation, The NANFA Encyclopedia of North American Freshwater Fishes will be a serialized on-line book that provides a genus-by-genus natural history of North America's freshwater fishes. Unique among popular resources, the NANFA Encyclopedia will make accessible information that's generally only available in technical journals, scholarly books, and agency reports.

The NANFA Encyclopedia is also about fish in captivity: How to keep them. How to breed them. How to make the aquarium an educational, research, and conservation tool.

It's also about the diverse connections between fish and people: Fish as cultural and spiritual icons. Fish as economic and recreational resources. Fish as coinhabitants of the only planet known to contain life.

Banded Sunfish, Enneacanthus obesus
William Roston

And it's about conservation: Why aquatic habitats, fish populations, and individual species are declining. How government agencies, biologists, aquarists, volunteers, and private landowners are working to protect and recover imperiled species. And how political and economic pressure and social and personal values influence the effectiveness of fish conservation efforts.

Access to the NANFA Encyclopedia will be free and copies may be downloaded and distributed without charge for educational purposes.

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